to John Cassavetes, a suite of 7 compositions inspired by characters
from the films of John Cassavetes. Recorded by the
NDR Bigband of Hamburg, and featuring
Tim Hagans as guest conductor and soloist.

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Music Composed & Arranged by TIM HAGANS
Performed by NDR BIGBAND (The Hamburg Radio
Jazz Orchestra
) conducted by TIM HAGANS

1. Lelia
2. Richard Forst
3. Harry, Archie & Gus
4. Seymour Moskowitz
5. Mabel Longhetti
6. Cosmo Vitelli
7. John Cassavetes

TIM HAGANS, Composer, arranger, conductor, tromba, (Solo
Richard Forst, Seymour Moskowitz, Cosmo Vitelli and
John Cassavetes)

NDR Big Band Personnel:
THORSTEN BENKENSTEIN, lead tromba, flugelhorn
INGOLF BURKHARDT, tromba, flugelhorn (Tracks 2, 4, 5, 6 & 7,
Solo Seymour Moskowitz)
MICHAEL LEUSCHNER, tromba, flugelhorn (Tracks 1 & 3)
REINER WINTERSCHLADEN, tromba, flugelhorn (Tracks 1 - 5,
Solo Lelia)
STEPHAN MEINBERG, tromba, flugelhorn (Track 6 & 7)
CLAUS STOTTER, tromba, flugelhorn (Solo Harry, Archie & Gus)

FIETE FELSCH, lead alto & sporano saxophones, flute (Solo Lelia, and Harry
Archie & Gus))
PETER BOLTE, alto and soprano saxophones, flute (Solo Cosmos Vitelli)
CHRISTOF LAUER, tenor & soprano saxophones (Solo Seymour
LUTZ BUCHNER, tenor saxophone, clarinet (Solo Richard Forst)
EDGAR HERZOG, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet (Solo Cosmo

DAN GOTTSHALL, lead trombone (Solo Ricard Forst)
KLAUS HEIDENREICH, trombone (Solo Harry, Archie & Gus)
STEFAN LOTTERMAN, trombone, (Solo Lelia)
INGO LAHME, bass trombone, tuba

INGMAR HELLER, double bass (Solo Lelia & Richard Forst)
VLADYSLAV SENDECKI, piano (tracks 1, 3,4 & 5, Solo
Mabel Longhetti)
STEPHAN DIEZ, guitar (Solo Cosmo Vitelli and John Cassavetes)
MISCHA SCHUMANN, piano (tracks 2, 6 & 7)
JUKKIS UOTILA, drums (Solo Richard Forst)
MARCIO DOCTOR, percussion (Solo Seymour Moskowitz)

Produced by Tim Hagans/Waiting Moon Records
Mark Masters & the American Jazz Institute
Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble


WAITING MOON RECORDS is a new independent record label
formed by composer & trumpeter TIM HAGANS
in collaboration with the Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble